About OMGNeon

Welcome aboard to OMGNeon.com!

Hey there, fellow decor enthusiasts! We're not your typical "business suits and ties" kind of crew – we're the young, energetic, and cool folks who are all about giving your living spaces that extra dash of personality. Welcome to our creative corner where home decor meets innovation, and passion is our driving force.

At our heart, we're a bunch of dreamers, doers, and makers. Our minds are constantly buzzing with fresh ideas and exciting possibilities to transform your spaces into vibrant havens that reflect your unique style. We've got an eye for design and a knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Neon Signs? Oh yeah, that's our pride and joy, the first gem in our growing treasure trove of creative wonders. Each neon sign is crafted with meticulous care and an outpouring of passion. Handmade and heart-made, these signs are a testament to the dedication we pour into every piece we create.

But here's the secret ingredient that makes us different: we're not just here to build customers, we're here to build friendships. Yep, you heard that right – we're all about creating connections that go beyond transactions. We believe in the power of feedback, the kind that friends give to help each other grow. We're inviting you to be a part of our journey, to share in our passion, and to shower us with your honest thoughts.

So whether you're sprucing up your cozy corner or transforming your entire space, we're here to join you in the exciting journey of home decor. We're not just a brand – we're your creative partners, your fellow decor adventurers, and your new friends. Let's make spaces shine, dreams flourish, and memories be created, one vibrant Neon Sign at a time. Cheers to a decor-filled friendship that's bound to light up your life!