Collection: Playful Neon Signs for Kids' Rooms

Elevate your child's space with our vibrant collection of LED Neon Lights and OMGNeon Signs specially curated for kid's rooms, girls' rooms, and boys' rooms. From adorable name signs to whimsical wall art, discover the perfect decor to brighten up their world.

Explore Kids' Room Neon Signs

Discover gender-neutral, boys', and girls' room signs that add instant personality to their bedroom walls. Welcome baby with our charming nursery lights or inspire your little ones with motivational phrases like "To The Moon" or "Dream Big."

Light Up Their World

Our neon light signs are not just stylish but also practical. They plug directly into power sockets, eliminating the need for batteries. Plus, they're safe for nurseries and young children's bedrooms, as they don't heat up or generate noise.

Personalized Name Signs

Children love to see their names in lights! Create a custom-made name sign using our online neon sign generator. Choose their favorite color and font to design a unique decor piece they'll adore above their crib or bed.

Custom Children's Name Signs

Browse our collection of personalized name signs that grow with your child from toddler to tween. It's the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy to their space while making it uniquely theirs.

50 Top Curated Ideas for Kid's Room:

  1. Dream big, little one - Neon Sign
  2. Adventure awaits! - Neon Sign
  3. Superhero in training - Neon Sign
  4. Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud - Neon Sign
  5. You are out of this world! - Neon Sign
  6. Brave hearts, curious minds - Neon Sign
  7. Roar like a lion! - Neon Sign
  8. Reach for the stars - Neon Sign
  9. Magic happens here - Neon Sign
  10. Playtime is the best time - Neon Sign
  11. Let's go on a bear hunt! - Neon Sign
  12. Be the hero of your own story - Neon Sign
  13. Dreams become adventures here - Neon Sign
  14. Princesses and pirates welcome! - Neon Sign
  15. Explore, imagine, create - Neon Sign
  16. Adventure is calling, let's go! - Neon Sign
  17. Never stop exploring - Neon Sign
  18. Be a shining star! - Neon Sign
  19. Believe in unicorns and yourself - Neon Sign
  20. You're one of a kind! - Neon Sign
  21. Fly high, little bird - Neon Sign
  22. Explore like Dora, imagine like Walt - Neon Sign
  23. Dare to dream, darling - Neon Sign
  24. You're braver than you believe - Neon Sign
  25. Be a mermaid in a sea of fish - Neon Sign
  26. Dream, believe, achieve - Neon Sign
  27. Race to your dreams - Neon Sign
  28. Adventure is out there! - Neon Sign
  29. Dream big, play hard - Neon Sign
  30. Shine bright like a diamond - Neon Sign
  31. Make today awesome! - Neon Sign
  32. Time for a magical adventure! - Neon Sign
  33. Be a superhero every day - Neon Sign
  34. You are my sunshine - Neon Sign
  35. Let's make some memories - Neon Sign
  36. Be silly, be honest, be kind - Neon Sign
  37. You're stronger than you think - Neon Sign
  38. Follow your dreams, little one - Neon Sign
  39. Adventure is just around the corner - Neon Sign
  40. Be the captain of your ship - Neon Sign
  41. Spread kindness like confetti - Neon Sign
  42. Jump in puddles, catch rainbows - Neon Sign
  43. Explore the world with wonder - Neon Sign
  44. Dino-mite adventures await! - Neon Sign
  45. Dream big, play bigger - Neon Sign
  46. Adventure is calling, answer it! - Neon Sign
  47. Brave hearts, curious minds, happy faces - Neon Sign
  48. Leap into adventure! - Neon Sign
  49. Let's make today amazing! - Neon Sign
  50. You are loved beyond measure - Neon Sign