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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Bosphorus Night Neon Sign: Good Product

Stunning sign! Adds elegance to our space. Quality is top-notch. Slight delay in shipping, but worth it. Great customer service. Highly recommend!

High-Quality Neon Signs

Exceptional quality and vibrant colors make these neon signs a standout addition to my restaurant. The craftsmanship is top-notch, with vivid hues that instantly elevate the ambiance. Easy installation and a remarkable impact on the atmosphere make them a must-have for any space. 5 start for OMGNEON.

Thank you for your kind words! We're thrilled to hear that you're enjoying our neon signs and that they've made such a positive impact on the ambiance of your restaurant. We take great pride in the quality of our products and are delighted that they have exceeded your expectations. If you ever need anything else or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We appreciate your support

Kelli Doe
Neon Magic: Elevating My Restaurant's Vibe!

Neon signs from my restaurant's recent upgrade are a game-changer! Quality craftsmanship, easy customization, and swift delivery. They effortlessly add a stylish touch and create a vibrant atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Thrilled to hear our neon signs were a game-changer for your restaurant! Quality craftsmanship, easy customization, and swift delivery made all the difference. Thanks for the recommendation!

OMG Neon Arrows: Simply Stunning

OMG Neon's arrow signs are a showstopper! Easy to install, vibrant colors, and built to last. My space is now a radiant showcase—couldn't be happier

Thrilled to hear our OMG Neon arrows are making a statement in your space! Easy installation, vibrant colors, and durability are our priorities. Your radiant showcase sounds amazing—thanks for choosing us to light up your space!

Stunning Neon Signs - Perfect Statement Pieces

Exceptional quality and vibrant colors! These neon signs from OMGneon are an absolute showstopper. They've transformed my space beautifully

Thanks for the rave review! We're delighted our neon signs transformed your space. Exceptional quality and vibrant colors are what we aim for. Keep shining with OMGneon!

Neon Sign Quotes Ideas

Looking for Inspiration for Your Unique Neon Sign? Check Out Our List of Quotes, Curated by Buddies Like You!

💗 Movie Quotes Neon Signs 💗 Cool Neon Signs
💗 Self-Improvement Neon Sign 💗 Aesthetic Quotes Neon Signs
💗 Manifestation Neon Signs 💗 Wedding Quotes Neon Signs
💗Positive Quotes Neon Signs 💗 Short Quotes Neon Signs
💗 Instagram Neon Signs

What's in the box

LED Neon Sign || Power Adapter & RF Controller || Mounting Kit (FREE) || Remote & Dimmer (Included)
Effortless Design Tool for Custom Neon Sign | OMGNeon.com

Effortlessly Design Your Own Custom Neon Sign with Our User-Friendly Tool

Discover the effortless joy of crafting your very own custom neon sign with our user-friendly Custom Neon Sign Design Tool. It's as simple as:

👆 Step 1: Enter your desired Neon Sign Text.
✌️ Step 2: Choose a Font Type from our array of stylish fonts.
🤟 Step 3: Select your Neon Sign Color from the widest selection of options available.
🤜 Step 4: Pick your Backboard Style. Plus, don't forget that the Mounting Kit, Remote, and Dimmers are all included for FREE. Just click "Finish" to add your neon sign to your cart and place your order!

Happy Birthday Custom Neon Signs | OMGNeon.com

About Neon Signs

Easy Setup: Hang it, place it, or mount it – effortless installation for instant charm.
Premium Quality: Built to last and shine, ensuring a neon masterpiece that's here to stay.
Handcrafted with Precision: Each sign is meticulously crafted for impeccable quality.
Energy-Efficient: LED technology ensures a mesmerizing glow without the high energy consumption.
Versatile Décor: Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, reading nooks, and more.
Expressive Artistry: Makes a thoughtful gift for those who cherish meaningful aesthetics.

  • Sarah WashingtonCustom Neon Sign Light |  Logo Design Neon Sign | OMG Neon
  • Sarah Washington Logo Design Custom Neon Sign Light | OMG Neon
  • Will Denver Neon Sign Light | Party Custom Neon Signs | OMG Neon
  • George Kansas City Neon Sign Light| Restaurant Neon Sign | OMG Neon
  • Mike Tallahassee Custom Neon Sign Light | Shop Store Sign Board | OMG Neon
  • Sandy Columbus Custom Neon Sign Board | OMG Neon
  • Cecilia Atlanta Custom Neon Sign Light | OMG Neon
  • Kylie Savannah Neon Sign Light | Restaurant Bar Neon Sign | OMG Neon
  • Catalina Savannah  Neon Sign Light | Kitchen Bar Neon Sign | OMG Neon
  • Rayan Jacksonville Neon Sign Light Social Media Influencer | Flow-ro Neon Sign | OMG Neon Custom Neon Signs
  • Phil Leesburg City Custom Neon Sign Light Social Media Neon Signs
  • New York Custom Neon Sign Light  Living Room | OMG Neon
  • OMG Neon Unicorn Neon Sign
  • Happy Birthday Custom Neon Signs | OMGNeon.com
  • Restaurant Neon Sign Irving Texas
  • Heart Neon Sign Phoenix Arizona
  • Custom Neon Sign Leavenworth Washington | OMGNeon.com
  • Fashion Studio Neon Sign in Atlanta | OMGNeon.com
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  • Unleash Your Creativity with Custom Neon Design

    Illuminate your life with custom neon signs. Design your own unique LED neon sign effortlessly using our Online Neon Sign Maker. Whether for your home, business, or special event, our custom neon signs add a personal touch, infusing spaces with vibrant personality. The Neon Maker tool helps you Design Neon Sign effortlessly while selecting from 24 fabulous Neon Colors and stylish fonts. Discover convenience with "custom neon signs near me" and elevate your decor with personalized neon lights. Let your creativity shine with our personalized designs.

  • Why Choose Custom LED Neon Signs?

    Our LED neon signs offer the perfect blend of style, affordability, and durability. They outshine traditional glass neon signs in many ways:

    • Affordable Brilliance: LED neon signs offer a captivating glow without breaking the bank, providing an economical alternative to traditional glass neon.
    • Endless Creativity: Explore a world of design possibilities with our online tool, allowing you to personalize your sign with a variety of colors and fonts.
    • Portability and Safety: Lightweight and touch-safe, LED neon signs are easy to move around or hang up, ensuring versatility and worry-free enjoyment in various settings.
    • Personalized Touch: Whether it's personalized LED signs, neon bar signs, or custom letters, our selection caters to your unique style and preferences.
    • Easy Customization: Create a sign that's uniquely yours, expressing your individuality through the art of light and color.
    • Versatile Use: Perfect for rooms, bedrooms, or any space that needs a personalized and vibrant touch.
    • Durability: LED neon signs offer both style and durability, ensuring a long-lasting and impactful addition to your space.
  • How to make Neon Sign Online?

    Making your own neon sign is as easy as 1-2-3! Our user-friendly online neon sign maker empowers you to bring your ideas to life:

    1. Select Your Base: Choose the font, color, and size that resonate with your style. Mix and match until your design is perfect.
    2. Visualize Your Creation: Experiment with different backgrounds to see how your neon sign will look in real life. It's all about making sure it's just right.
    3. Add to Cart: Once you're thrilled with your design, simply add it to your cart. In just a few weeks, your handmade, personalized neon masterpiece will be ready to light up your world.
  • Got an Image or Logo in Mind? Get a Personalized Neon LED Sign

    We've got you covered! If you have an image, logo, or specific artwork you'd like to transform into a glowing work of art, use our convenient upload form. Your logo, company name, tagline, or any creative piece can become a stylish neon sign that stands out.

  • Bespoke Neon Sign Design

    Can't find a font you love? No problem! Our talented team can replicate almost any font style, including handwriting, images, and logos. We're here to turn your vision into neon reality.

  • Let's Get Started!

    Embark on your creative journey now! Dive into our Online Neon Sign Maker and let your imagination shine. Craft your own neon sign with ease, whether you're looking for make your own neon sign, exploring custom neon signs near me, or adding unique charm with neon signs for room. Your creative adventure begins here—start designing your personalized LED neon sign today!

    Illuminate Your World with Personalized LED Neon Signs

    Ready to add a touch of brilliance to your space? Start creating your custom LED neon sign today and let your imagination run wild. Your perfect neon creation is just a few steps away!